Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop: 1 Week

Netrix Global

Bring compliance and adoption to Microsoft Teams with an award-winning Microsoft Teams partner

Microsoft Teams has become the workplace operating system for more than 270M people. Still, too many organizations have implemented Teams without creating effective usage policies and standards. This not only puts the corporation information and critical files at risk, posing a significant security and compliance challenge but also creates confusion among users, leading to a frustrating experience.

Effective governance is the path to adoption of technology and as a leading Microsoft Teams partner with deep governance expertise, Netrix can help you implement the right policies and controls.

Comprising a mix of strategy and deployment, our 1-week workshop will help you understand Teams governance capabilities and implement the right controls for a defined use case.

Agenda: 1.) Provide an overview of Microsoft Teams and its governance capabilities. 2.) Develop a governance strategy for a defined use case for the workshop. 3.) Implement the policies including naming convention, storage, life cycle, security, classification, app restrictions, use of private channels. 4.) Share recommendations to establish governance for other use cases.

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