Intune Suite Standardized Pilot Engagement: 4 Weeks Implementation

Netrix Global

Microsoft Intune Suite Deployment helps take all the workloads from the Intune suite with roadmap, design, small pilots, production deployment, and support.

This project builds upon an existing implementation of Intune and will provide a guided pilot implementation of the technologies encompassed in the Intune Suite. These include: • Remote Help • Endpoint Privilege Management • Advanced Endpoint Analytics • Enterprise App Management • Cloud Certificate Management

Key activities of this engagement include: • Understanding the client’s hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives. • Gaining insights into how the client performs the use cases these technologies address including which (if any) tools are being used today and how to calculate total investment in those tools. • Set up and configure the technologies listed above focusing on specific use cases to develop as much parity as reasonable in the timeframe allotted. • Develop a series of next steps for both the client, Netrix and Microsoft.

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