Slack to Teams Migration: 2 Week Assessment


Reinvent Productivity and Optimize Cost with Microsoft Teams

Many companies have invested in Slack for Project and team collaboration. Microsoft Teams is now able to provide comparable features and come with Microsoft Office 365. As companies look to consolidate their collaboration tools, migrating from Slack to Teams is a great money saver. Netwoven has 15 years of migration experience and developed migration capability to migrate Slack content to Microsoft Teams. We have built custom utilities to facilitate the migration. Contact us for Slack to Teams readiness assessment.

Benefits of a Slack to Teams Migration Assessment

Understand Slack content and its freshness to limit migration and reduce costs

Ensure all Slack user stories are covered in requirements

Gain buy-in from business users before committing to the bulk of the project work

Clearly understand how Slack migration aligns with the wider workplace transformation capabilities with Microsoft 365

Clearly understand roadmap, timeline, and costs

Slack to Teams Assessment Agenda

Week 1

Content inventory & pre-migration analysis

  • Aggregate data

  • Review integrations & customizations

  • Provide Power BI reports and analysis documentation

User stories/use cases

  • Enumerate and document

  • Prototype creation

  • Create prototypes for Microsoft 365 constructs to replace Slack use cases

Week 2

POC evaluation

  • Evaluation support

  • Creation of evaluation surveys

Next steps

  • Consolidated roadmap

  • Implementation proposal

Note: The price and duration of the engagement can vary based on the complexity of the customer environment and the scope of the project

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