2 week PoC for Solar Power Plant Analytics

Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

An online platform for monitoring and analytics of solar power plant production and distribution

A data analytics platform using data from SCADA and Weather systems is needed, which could play a key role in real-time monitoring & enabled intelligent operational decisions, thereby improving generation.

Saviant offers a data analytics platform for Live daily monitoring and analytics. Solution encompasses integration of data from multiple sources, planned vs Actuals, Revenue Gain Vs Loss, specific yield comparison, root cause analysis. KPIs covered are as follows: • Generated Energy Difference • Exported Reactive Energy • Period Performance, PP % • Performance Ratio, PR % • Availability Ratio, AR % • Act v/s Exp Insolation • Act v/s Exp Irradiance • Ambient/Module temp • Revenue Analysis • Power Factor Monitoring

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