Virteva Microsoft 365 Defender Ready Deploy

Virteva LLC

Get immediate value and significant security enhancement at your organization through Virteva's Ready Deploy, which enables hands-on deployment of the Defender suite's primary services.

Virteva's best practices-based approach to Microsoft Defender's advanced security platform will enable your organization to greatly improve and enhance its security through a Foundational Microsoft 365 Defender Deployment.

Virteva’s security consulting team will work closely with your own IT and Security team to envision, architect, configure, and deploy any or all of the array of Microsoft Defender components, consisting of Microsoft Defender for: Endpoint, Office 365, Identity, and Cloud Apps. Each service carries its own value in the layered security model, and significantly enhances your ability to attain a true Zero Trust end state.

Beyond configuration and deployment, Virteva’s team focuses on helping your team fully adapt to and understand the operational best practices inherent to a successful long-term journey with the Defender suite. Security tools aren’t fully effective unless the humans that utilize them are also able to fully understand and apply the tools day in and day out, so our team strives to leave you with the knowledge and capability to sustain high performance with Microsoft’s Defender services in all of our engagements.

The overall Ready Deploy engagement typically lasts between 4-6 weeks. As with all of our world-class offerings, we strive to tailor our delivery to align best to your specific and unique business needs, operations, and personnel to ensure you have long term sustainability and success with Microsoft Defender's full security suite.

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