Microsoft OT/IOT Security : 2-Wks Assessment

Wipro Ltd

Identify and assess the risks posture of the IoT/OT environment by performing risk assessment leveraging Azure Defender for IoT service.

Cyber-attacks are increasing on critical infrastructure and impacting the supply chain, environment safety, human life and on brand reputation. Wipro’s approach is to perform a risk assessment on the IoT/OT environment. We refer to industry standards frameworks like NIST CSF and IEC 62443 while performing this assessment. Our industry specialist consultant has in-depth knowledge of the IoT/OT domain and we refer to our custom template to collect the information. The collected information will be analyzed and discussed with stakeholders before drafting the assessment reports.

The assessment will provide the current risk posture and identify the gaps between the “AS IS” and “To be” states. Wipro assessment report will give the details on findings/observations and recommendations. Azure Defender for IoT service will be leveraged during the assessment phase to get threat posture insights, vulnerability identification, asset visibility, network communication visualization etc. The assessment duration varies based number of sites covered.

Our consultative approach helps enterprises to quickly identify the risks and define the maturity level of the IoT/OT environment and provide recommendations. This two weeks risk assessment is for a single site.

• Tailored assessment report that is actionable, risk-based, and able to be understood at all levels of the organization
• Product will identify not only areas of technical weakness but also governance weakness through which we can offer reasoned advice on how to better improve your security posture while allowing the safe adoption of new technology
• Visibility of risk posture
• Provide best practices and recommendations.

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