Power Apps and Automate: 10-Day Implementation

XRM Vision

For the 10 days covering this consulting service, we will provide our knowledge and expertise of Power Apps and Power Automate.

This 10-day implementation can be fully customized to your business’ needs, either fixing bugs on existing projects, creating a series of simple Canvas Power Apps, or conceptualizing a more complex model-driven Power App to replace one of your business processes, our Power Apps Architect will be able to assist you. Thanks to our Agile Project Management Methodology, we will be able to help you wrap up a difficult project.


As this workshop will be customized, here is a list of topics that have been covered in past workshops and could suit your needs:

  • Analysis of current business processes
  • Interface redesign
  • UX optimization
  • Creation of Model-Driven or Canvas Power Apps
  • Data integration (CDS)
  • Utilization of Power Automate to automate processes
  • Report on best practices customized to your business reality
  • Power App proof of concept

Time and expenses are included in the cost for all eastern and central provinces.

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