Enasarco FIRR and FISC

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Calculation and registration of salesperson contributions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you want to calculate / post contributions? Do you need to modify/correct contributions already calculated? Do you need to export the Grandi Ditte file?

With this app you can:

  1. Assign contribution parameters to vendors/agents
  2. Calculate contributions for Enasarco, F.I.R.R., F.I.S.C.
  3. Post calculated contributions to accounting
  4. Intervene with changes and fixes
  5. Export the "Grandi Ditte" file through specific bill
  6. Easy application of vendor entries related to contributions to vendor entries related to purchase document posting

Features and benefits of using this app:

  • Calculate and Post contribution entries
  • Apply contributions entries to vendor ledger entries
  • Create the contribution bill and, if necessary, the "Grandi Ditte" file

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Certified competence for Microsoft Dynamics 365! This app is an official product of the cooperation between KUMAVISION (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and EOS Solutions (Italy). Together, the two companies form one of the world's leading providers of business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Supported editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported countries


Supported languages

English, German, Italian

For more details, please visit: Enasarco FIRR and FISC

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