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Advanced payroll

CEM Business Solutions Inc

Automated US payroll for D365 Finance and Operations

CEM Advanced Payroll helps you automate overtime and holiday calculations in D365. Time entered in project timesheets and any time and attendance software can be used to pay the hourly and salaried employees. It automatically calculates overtime, double-time for exempt and non-exempt employees based on configurable rules in the software. The time, project cost and billing data is posted into projects if needed. This software is integrated with D365, Talent, T&A devices, CEM Union and Certified Payroll.

Perfect for your company:

We understand how time-consuming and tedious it is to calculate your employees overtime as per the Fair Labor Standards Act. The traditional method of calculating overtime for exempt and non-exempt employees is made easy with CEM’s Overtime Payroll. Spend less time shifting through timesheets, and more time on tasks that matters. Don’t let the hassle of payroll calculations slow down your payroll process. Set them up once and let the software do the calculations at every payroll run.


  • Integration with time and attendance software
  • Integration with project timesheets in D365
  • Automated overtime Calculation for all states including CA
  • Automatically calculates overtime for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Option to enable/disable OT or DT for exempt and non-exempt exempt employees
  • Setup different rules for hourly, salaried employees and contractors


  • Create multiple work calendars with different shift schedules
  • Assign different shifts and work calendars to your employees
  • Timesheet and payroll reconciliation reports
  • Generate payroll for all the schedules simultaneously in the same entity
  • 3rd party time and attendance and bio-metrics integration to payroll
  • An employee can view his timesheet summary for the work week with worked hours

CEM is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. It is a global company renowned for its award-winning implementation & support services. CEM is also a member of the partner advisory board of Microsoft