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MazikCare Materials Management

Mazik Global Inc.

A tool to track and manage your healthcare organization’s materials.

With MazikCare Materials Management, get the right materials in front of the right people – at the right time. Since supply chain and materials management challenges apply to every department, this represents one of the most critical, far-reaching, and sophisticated arms of a healthcare organization. MazikCare streamlines and automates inventory processes across all departments for optimum efficiency. Furthermore, data analytics and reporting provide key insights that can be leveraged for continuous process improvement. MazikCare brings precision to the materials management flow to guarantee that patients receive the best care possible.


With the MazikCare Materials Management module, you can:

  • Control the entire supply chain from procurement, warehousing, and distribution to individual rooms and work stations.
  • Standardize processes like ordering and reordering supplies, tracking materials throughout the facility, and automating manual processes.
  • Receive alerts and notifications with time-sensitive information such as low supply alerts and notifications to approve orders.
  • Capture data through the supply chain and generate reports to support continual process improvements.