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Map, Route, Territory: Dynamics 365 CRM + Bing Maps – Maplytics


5.0 (15)

Integrate Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 CRM to Visualize Data on Map by Geo-Analytical App Maplytics

Leading Geo-Analytical mapping CfMD App integrating Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 for Territory Management, Appointment Planning, Routing and Radius Search with support for PowerApps (CDS). Maplytics provides in-depth location-based analytics and features.

Maplytics supports all Dynamics 365 deployment models for Dynamics CRM 2011 and above as well as native Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets.


  • Map CRM Data: Geocode, plot and color code Leads, Accounts, Opportunities or Custom Entities based on multiple categories and resize your view data grid.
  • Sales Territory Management: Geographically manage and align sales territories, perform binary operations on shapes, regions or territories on map. Assign multiple territories to a record.
  • Auto Scheduling: Create an automated optimized schedule for multiple days on field including routes to follow each day based on details entered by user and also create activities for the same
  • Check-In/Check-Out: Enable Check-In/Check-Out for field reps on site of visit with the option of Geofencing
  • PCF control: User can add components on fields or grids within Dynamics CRM to view the respective records on the map within the record form or the entity grid
  • Overlay: View records, shape files and existing territories together on map. View Census Data as existing Overlay feature.
  • Proximity Search: Search records for a location based on radius or time with shortest travel and line of sight distance.
  • Route Optimization: Optimize routes, find nearby records along the route and points of interest like Coffee Shops, Gas station, etc.
  • Customizable Pushpins & Tooltip Cards: Plot desired icons for pushpins for seamless visual analysis. Call to action buttons on Tooltip cards for quick actions.
  • Security template: System admin and Maplytics admin can provide selective access of actions to users
  • Marketing Management: Create geographically targeted Marketing Lists for personalized and relevant promotions, marketing campaigns and events
  • Mass Actions: Add to Route, Save Data, Schedule Appointments, Send Emails and more for records plotted on map
  • Summary Card: Get aggregated information for enclosed area on map for quick analysis
  • Layer Menu/Download Map: Show/hide layers plotted on map to toggle between them and Download the map as image visible on screen
  • Mobility: Use native Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets to get locational insights
  • Heat Map Visualization: Analyze density of CRM data on map for insights through pie/column charts