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DXC Health360

DXC Technology

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Great Patient Relationships Start with DXC Health360

DXC Health360 is based on a foundational, person-centered, healthcare data model, focused on helping patients be well and stay well.  Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, and pre-configured to meet healthcare requirements, this cloud-based solution helps you better understand your patients and their behaviors, preferences, goals and challenges so you can create stronger relationships and deliver more-personalized care.

DXC Health360 leverages data from EMRs and other HIT systems to present a consumer-first, 360-degree view of your patients. The solution provides the foundation to allow you to personalize interactions and create better overall care experiences.

With DXC Health360 you can:

  • Centralize disconnected patient information and create a “Golden Record”
  • Understand patient behaviors, preferences and needs at-a-glance
  • Improve productivity and patient satisfaction from first point of access
  • Personalize patient experiences


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