We Decide


We Decide helps organizations to make faster decisions within the Microsoft Teams Platform.

With this app organizations can easily create and collaborate on team decisions. The app helps by providing a structed approach. A decision is defined by an audience of people that need to make the decision, a title, a summary, implications in case of approval or rejection and a due date. After creating a decision a bot sends out a push notification to the audience to inform everyone that the decision has been created. The bot reminds the audience to make a decision one day before the due date has been reached.

Capacidades del complemento
Cuando se usa este complemento:
  • Puede enviar datos por Internet.
  • Este complemento puede obtener acceso a la información personal del mensaje activo, como números de teléfono, direcciones postales o URL. Puede que el complemento envíe estos datos a servicios de terceros. Otros elementos del buzón no se pueden leer ni modificar.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.6578.55ef7a3b-9383-42e3-bdc5-654f9f55253e.f499b0e3-0f09-4fff-83f7-3f58b3df4e34.d33eef8b-01c5-419f-9f9f-b4c9bed644a3.png