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Powell Teams maximizes collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

Powell Teams maximizes collaboration with Microsoft Teams by providing a smart dashboard for all your employees. Help them to easily organize & tags all teams, to discover the most important promoted company teams and finally to use predefine role-based team templates to save time. In addition to the user’s dashboard, Powell Teams provides an administration section to manage the team templates (naming convention, associated tags, associated SharePoint template, default & minimum numbers of owners/members, approbation flows), to get analytics insights for following the adoption and to control that your rules are well applied.

Implement a simple Teams strategy with user-friendly controls and clear navigation. No more searching for information. Control Microsoft Teams onboarding and put an end to the existence of duplicated teams. Powell Teams integrates a defined Teams structure organized with design templates and predefined channels for optimal organization and a simplified user experience.

Maintain order and scale operations across the organization. Manage Microsoft Teams more effectively from the personalized admin console in Powell Teams. Get the full overview of your Teams with at a glance monitoring of all team activities, documents, channels and more.

Powell Teams helps you promote moderation and support employee adoption. Control your Teams infrastructure with integrated approval workflows. Optimize employee use with insight reporting and activities tracking. Keep your Microsoft Teams environment clean with synchronized updates and productive archiving. Ensure a smooth process for Teams provisioning and avoid redundant Teams.

In order to use the app, users need an active Powell Teams Subscription.

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