Copilot for Finance for Microsoft Excel (Preview)

por Microsoft Corporation

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Copilot for Finance is the next-generation AI assistant for finance professionals.

What if you had a finance assistant working right alongside you in Microsoft 365 applications?

Microsoft Copilot for Finance empowers finance professionals to stay in the flow of work by seamlessly connecting productivity tools with existing financial systems, such as ERP, to support critical business processes and generate insights and actions in real-time. Copilot for Finance accelerates time to impact for finance professionals by surfacing insights to support strategic decision-making and reducing the time spent on manual, repetitive work.

Microsoft Copilot for Finance helps finance professionals work with financial data in Microsoft Excel to complete common financial tasks, like data reconciliation. Copilot for Finance suggests reconciliation vectors, compares financial data structures, classifies transactions, and creates reconciliation reports with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) supported summaries.

Notable capabilities include:

  • Copilot suggested reconciliation rules
  • Reconciliation commentary and report creation
  • Reconciliation reporting

For some capabilities, a Microsoft 365 Admin Center Administrator may be required. Copilot for Finance may be subject to an additional free or paid license. For more details, please access the Copilot for Finance website or contact your Microsoft representative.

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