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Intact Partners Inc

Azure API Solution for of browser-based applications such as MVC .NET Framework, Cold Fusion, PHP.

ReWeb replaces Apps such as:
- MVC .NET Framework
- Cold Fusion
- PHP Apps
- ASP Classic
This PowerLine Application solution is Office 365 Azure Cloud compatible providing easy access to your Azure Cloud data and services; and can also provide conversion services for MS Access and other similar databases.
The user will benefit from Intact’s solutions by:
• Minimize cost – pay only for what they are using
• Minimize solution deployment & management
• Provide application statutory compliance
• Log data transactions
• Apply native best practices for security, storage, & operations
• Make it easier to use and manage Azure services

Solution Includes Migration for Browser Based App Azure Cosmos Solutioning and includes:
Continuous runtime
400 RU Equivalent (micro services)
Non-public facing apps
2 GB Data storage
- up to 1 million rows
- 255 columns
Up to 4 workflow steps/screen
Max of 10 screens
1,024 total screen controls
Includes Cloud Service usage
99.5% Compute Uptime
99.995% Database Uptime

PowerLine App Solution and Components are integrated with Office 365. Clients will be able to download run the PowerLine app from the Microsoft Store or the Enterprise internal store and use Microsoft applications such as:
• Azure Active Directory
• Power BI – Dashboard and Reporting
• DevOps (Visual Studio Team Services)
• Azure Cosmos DB (SQL API)
• Key Vault
• VNet Gateway (formerly Express Route)
• App and Storage Services
• Compute Services