ITWorx Education

A One-Stop-Shop designed for all e-learning ecosystem to optimize learning outcome

EduShare enables the creation and management of e-learning and teaching resources, starting with lesson plans to educational content, throughout research, and multimedia all within curriculum standards.

EduShare is ITWORX Education’s Learning Content Management System that is designed to best utilize educational content across one ecosystem. EduShare’s power lies in its simple and flexible design that isn’t restricted or overly categorized. It converts existing information into valuable content that is easily ready for exploration and knowledge transfer.

Why use EduShare?
  • E-Learning ecosystem platform
  • High quality education resources availability
  • Convenient and easy curriculum standards-based sharing
  • Learning content collection, management and delivery
  • Powerful content classification and rating
  • Content approval cycle
  • Personalized content availability and user preferences

“By partnering with ITWORX Education we can enable our children to learn smarter, and at their own speed.”- Badria Yousif, Director of IT Department, Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates

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