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Model Automation Framework


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Identify effective spending patterns and make a comprehensive brand perception study.

LatentView Analytics Model Optimization Framework, built using Microsoft’s Azure ML, helps businesses across segments to identify their brands’ key perception metrics and also helps arrive at optimized spending patterns

Quantifies the impact of your spends:

Stop spending millions on ads that add no value to your business. This LatentView framework uses Microsoft’s Azure ML to control and optimize your spend and analyze your brand value. The framework takes in all the perception metrics across categories like geography, segment, form factors etc., and identifies the key ones and also helps you understand the inflection, optimal & saturation points of your spend.

Ensures you get the best models for your business rules:

This model automation framework takes care of things right from the stages of picking up variables for consideration, transforming them and running them through thousands of models to arrive at the one that best suits. It lets you pick a time period for which you want to measure effectiveness of your spends, category of consumers that you are targeting and gives you well packed visually engaging reports with insights. The tool does everything for you at a button’s click.

Makes way for faster business decisions:

Marketing decisions are quicker owing to the fast turnaround in insights generation through LatentView's robust framework. The framework is automated end-to-end requiring no manual intervention. It is also completely integrated with Azure SQL for storage and Power BI for reports. Accuracy and reliability have seen massive gains due to this automation, as the entire framework is built on cloud and is completely robust and scalable.