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Predict Product Quality

New Signature

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Predict product quality and reduce waste

Waste not

Being able to consistently produce products that meet the highest quality standards is a must for your organization. Every single piece of waste generated through the manufacturing process costs you time, resources and hurts your reputation with customers.

Want not

How can you prevent waste and gain insight? New Signature's Predict Product Quality solution. During production, sensors store data from the factory's machines to produce a time-stamped log of each machine's settings, sensor readings, and product measurements. Using the data from these quality logs, data scientists are able to determine the relative influence each machine's setting have on product quality, and create a model predicting whether or not their final product will meet their quality standards, based on the current reading form their machines. Using this model, workers on the factory floor are alerted in real time when current machine settings predict a failing quality score and can take immediate, corrective action to improve the quality of the final product. Better yet, the model can be corrected directly into your systems for full automation. Now that's digital transformation!