Epson bridge for Universal Print at home

por Seiko Epson Corporation

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For companies using Microsoft 365: We provide robust support for printing from home.

Realizing the same printing environment as the office, even when working from home

Bridging technology between Universal Print and Epson Connect (also known as Epson Email Print) allows you to print to your home printer while connected to a VPN.
You can continue to work while accessing important business information, even when printing.

Reducing the risk of information leaks

All communications are encrypted to prevent information leaks.
You can print from home with peace of mind, knowing that network security is being maintained.

Monitoring employee printing status remotely

The Universal Print Administration screen allows administrators to check the printing status of employees working from home.

Setting up with ease

After employees register their printers with Epson Connect, they simply enter the printer's email address to complete the setup.
There is no need to change network settings, install drivers, or perform other awkward tasks.
Administrators can use this service by simply allowing employees to register their printers.

Supporting a wide range of printers, including home printers

You can use printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) that support Epson Connect as-is without having to purchase new devices or update the firmware.
Epson network-capable printers and MFPs released in 2011 or later support Epson Connect.
Visit the Epson Connect website for more details.

* To use this service, you need a separate Universal Print license included in some Microsoft 365 or Windows subscriptions. Depending on how much you are printing, you may need a subscription to the Universal Print volume add-on. For more information on Universal Print, visit the Microsoft website.

* Printing from macOS or 32-bit (x86) version of Windows 10 is currently not supported.

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