Microsoft 365 Copilot for Security: 1-Day Workshop

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Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness and Deployment Services: 1-Day Security Copilot Workshop by Awara IT experts.

Awara IT can support your Microsoft 365 Copilot journey, leveraging a team of over 200 dedicated professionals with over 16 years of experience in optimizing Microsoft environments.

Bringing Everyday AI to Your Organization

Microsoft 365 Copilot® enables "everyday AI" by harnessing the power of Microsoft 365®, allowing users to be more efficient, innovative, and productive. Microsoft has made integrating AI into your workplace simple, but its success and return on investment (ROI) depend on your existing setup and your readiness to embrace the new technology.

Concerns about data, governance, adoption, security, privacy, or compliance are common, and they can affect the optimization of your Microsoft® 365 environment and readiness for AI integration.

Partner with a Trusted Expert

Awara IT is ready to guide you on your Microsoft 365 Copilot journey, offering more than 200 dedicated professionals with extensive experience in Microsoft environment optimization. Whether you're planning an implementation, exploring Microsoft 365 Copilot, or seeking to understand its benefits for your organization, our experts can assist with all your needs.

Awara IT helps you understand your organization's readiness and define appropriate use cases, while also addressing security, governance, compliance, and deployment. Our services ensure that your transition to Microsoft 365 Copilot is smooth and effective.

Our Approach to Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness

Awara IT Security Copilot Workshop

The workshop serves as an introduction to your Microsoft 365 Copilot journey, exploring the possibilities and focusing on areas that need technical and organizational attention.

Readiness Fast Start

This service evaluates your organization's readiness, focusing on areas such as business personas, data estate, security, privacy, compliance, governance, and user adoption. It also helps plan your pilot and production deployment.

Awara IT Security Copilot Workshop program includes:

  1. Introduction to Security Copilot: its purpose, benefits, and importance in the organization's security strategy.
  2. Overview of Security Copilot: o Presentation or demonstration of Security Copilot's key features and functionalities. o Explanation of how Security Copilot aligns with the organization's security policies and objectives.
  3. Integration and Deployment: o Discussion on Security Copilot prerequisites and Microsoft Security components needed to get full benefits of integrated system o Discussion on how Security Copilot will be integrated into existing systems and workflows. o Clarification on deployment processes, including installation, configuration, and any necessary prerequisites.
  4. Security Policies and Best Practices: o Review of security policies that Security Copilot helps enforce or monitor. o Discussion on best practices for utilizing Security Copilot effectively to enhance security measures.
  5. Use Cases and Scenarios: o Walkthrough of common use cases and scenarios where Security Copilot can provide value. o Q&A session to address specific use cases or concerns raised by participants.
  6. Training and Support: o Overview of available training resources, documentation, and support channels for Security Copilot. o Discussion on ongoing training needs and how support requests will be handled.
  7. Feedback and Next Steps: o Solicit feedback from participants regarding the readiness session and any additional information or support needed. o Outline next steps, including timelines for deployment, further training sessions, or follow-up discussions.
  8. Summary of key takeaways from the session

Key Benefits & Outcomes:

As a result of the workshop, you will learn how to build the ecosystem needed to deploy Security Copilot, as well as how to optimize your security team to take maximum advantage of modern AI-based Security Services.

Custom Pricing and Duration

The cost and duration of our services depend on the scope of your project. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get a tailored proposal.