VisualSafe for Teams: 3-Days Implementation

Adopt & Embrace

Frontline Worker Incident Tracking and Response application which can be customised to suit business requirements and branding.

Do your Frontline Workers have the ability to log and track incidents with ease?

Workplace Health and Safety is a priority issue for most businesses, especially those with a significant Frontline Workforce such as retail and healthcare.

Reporting and keeping track of Workplace Incidents can be difficult, that is why we have built ‘VisualSafe’ a Microsoft Teams based application that provides your employees with the ability to do this with the tools at their fingertips.

VisualSafe for Teams is a mobile solution built on Microsoft Teams that gives frontline workforces the ability to log safety issues in their workplace, as well as increase their awareness of safety issues in the area in which they operate. VisualSafe for Teams also provides the ability to provide localized safety information (text and photo based) relevant to the risks or hazards encountered, to help the frontline worker control or eliminate the issue. Also included is a library look-up of Safety information that allows Frontline Workers ease of access to information they may need to address, or understand what to do about, certain situations. The VisualSafe App includes:

• A central location for the logging of incidents and issues • Photos and additional information • Subsequent tracking and ability to update the issue/s • Search functionality • An increase in awareness via a customisable information library

Our implementation services (3 days) will include: • Your branding applied to VisualSafe • Installation of the app into your environment • Set-up of the required SharePoint Lists, including a walk-through of how to populate the Safety Information Library • User Acceptance Testing to confirm the App is working, as expected • A documented Administrator Guide • A documented User Guide

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