VKY 10-day Automation Discovery Workshop

Akari Solutions

Kickstart your automation journey with our rapid innovation workshop

Our 10-day automation discovery workshop includes an introduction to Robotic Process Automation and how this fits in with your organisations wider digital transformation strategy looking at RPA, Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform. Such as invoice processing and storage with Microsoft 365, building interfaces with the Power Platform and last-mile interface automation.

Day 1 - Getting started workshop consisting of process assessment with our Rapid Assessment Method to reduce pipeline effort build, we will also facilitate an interactive session focusing on RAM to apply this method to business areas.

Day 2 - Processes will be categorized according to suitability with attendees ranking processes through this collaborative process.

Day 3 - We will cover our automation delivery methodology Platform for Success, focusing on the immediate next steps to kick off the action plan for the highest priority processes.

Days 4 - 10 - The remainder of the days will be the development of a mock process using high-level tools.