2 Week Assessment: Power BI Migration


AlphaBOLD’s Power BI Migration Assessment bridges the gap, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to maximizing the potential of Power BI.

Power BI Migration

2-Week Assessment: Power BI Migration

BI Platform Migration Crossroads- Lost in Translation?

Migrating from a legacy Business Intelligence (BI) platform to Microsoft Power BI can unlock a wealth of new data insights and functionalities. However, navigating the migration process can be complex.

Are you facing challenges in translating your existing data and dashboards to the Power BI platform? Concerned about data inconsistencies, lost functionality, or user adoption during the migration?

AlphaBOLD’s Power BI Migration Assessment bridges the gap, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to maximizing the potential of Power BI.

AlphaBOLD’s Power BI Migration Assessment: A Roadmap to Success

Our comprehensive Power BI Migration Assessment provides a clear roadmap for a seamless transition from your existing BI platform.

Assessment Process:

  1. Source Platform Discovery: We'll gain a deep understanding of your current BI platform, including data sources, data lineage, existing reports, and user workflows.
  2. Data Inventory and Analysis: Our team will thoroughly assess your data structure, identifying potential inconsistencies and recommending strategies for data cleansing, data transformation, and unification within Power BI.
  3. Functionality Mapping: We'll map your existing functionalities to equivalent capabilities in Power BI, ensuring a smooth transition for your users.
  4. User Adoption Planning: Our assessment dives into user needs and preferences, informing a tailored training and adoption plan to maximize user comfort and success with Power BI.
  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis: We'll provide a transparent cost-benefit analysis, outlining potential resource savings and return on investment associated with migrating to Power BI.


  • Detailed Migration Plan: A comprehensive roadmap outlining the migration process, with defined timelines, resource requirements, and key milestones.
  • Data Transformation Strategy: A tailored plan for cleansing, unifying, and optimizing your data for seamless integration with Power BI.
  • Functionality Gap Analysis: A clear report outlining any functionalities from your current platform that may require alternative solutions within Power BI.
  • User Adoption and Training Plan: A customized plan to ensure user comfort and proficiency with Power BI, fostering a smooth transition and maximizing user engagement.
  • Migration Cost Estimation: A transparent analysis of potential costs associated with the migration, along with estimated ROI based on Power BI's functionalities and efficiencies.


  • Reduced Migration Risk: Our assessment minimizes potential roadblocks and ensures a smooth transition by proactively identifying and addressing key migration challenges.
  • Data Optimization and Standardization: Gain a clean, unified data foundation within Power BI, enabling future scalability and improved data analysis.
  • Maximized User Adoption: A user-centric approach and training plan pave the way for seamless user transition and efficient utilization of Power BI functionalities.
  • Informed Investment Decisions: Our cost-benefit analysis provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions regarding the migration process and its potential return on investment.

Partner with AlphaBOLD for a successful Power BI migration and unlock the full potential of Microsoft's industry-leading BI platform.