Power BI Reporting on Oracle Fusion ERP: 3-Hrs. Workshop

Biz-Metric Partners

Bizmetric will provide a workshop on how to connect Oracle Fusion/Cloud ERP Application with Power BI and create interactive BI Solution.

This offer is to conduct a workshop on how to fetch data from Oracle Fusion/Cloud Applications to Oracle Autonomous Warehouse and from there import data to Microsoft Power BI. A Fusion ERP Analytics solution can be built on top of the MS Power BI application. Using Power BI capabilities, Team can create interactive dashboards, Reports, Apps, and Dataflows for ERP customers.

The Bizmetric team will conduct a 3-hour workshop to demonstrate the following activities:

a) Provisioning ODI Marketplace b) Configuring Oracle Object Storage c) Configure BICC to write to object storage d) Configure ODI Topologies e) Create ODI Models f) Configure Knowledge Modules in ODI g) Create ODI Project and Mapping h) Run the ODI Mapping i) Create Power BI Data Model j) Create Datasets, Dashboards, Reports, and Apps