Independent Agent Performance: 2day implementation

Breakpoint Technology

Agents leverage Microsoft 365 and PowerApps to manage contacts and automate business processes.

Independent Agents leverage Microsoft 365 and PowerApps to seamlessly manage contacts, automate business processes, and collaborate on one secure cloud platform. This enables them to drive growth from prospecting through retention; operating as a large entity despite their smaller size. With a per user licensing approach and overall support added into the offering, everything from initial lead development through to ongoing customer management is covered including email, office applications, document templates, and conference calling. Email, Calendars, and Teams are all utilized through Microsoft 365. Contact Management is handled through PowerApps within the Common Data Service. Tenant set up, configuration of the PowerApps toolset, training, and an ongoing relationship to ensure continued successful engagement with the platform. Agenda: Day 1 - Business Assessment & Tenant set up Day 2 - Solution configuration and training

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