Data Security and Governance Assessment and Roadmap

Centric Consulting, LLC

Provide customers with a clear path forward in addressing data security needs

Your organization's data is the lifeblood of the business. Maintaining the necessary levels of security and applying the proper governance controls for your Microsoft 365 data is a complex, continuous task. Many organizations already leverage tools such as Microsoft Purview to perform some of the data security and governance tasks, but as regulations and security needs change, they will often re-evaluate the state of their data protection. In this engagement, our Security experts work closely with your organization in the assessment and creation of an in-depth Data Security strategy roadmap and how to best leverage Microsoft Purview to help identify, secure, and manage sensitive data in your environment.

This 4-6 week engagement, includes the following activities and objectives:

  1. Overview of Microsoft Purview capabilities, and alignment to business requirements.
  2. Development of a comprehensive understanding of your current regulatory and security requirements, as well as identification of Microsoft 365 data repositories that may contain sensitive data that would pose a regulatory or privacy risk if it were inadequately protected.
  3. Define strategies for categorizing, labeling and applying protections in your Microsoft 365 environment to ensure data is protected at rest and in transit.
  4. Creation of a detailed roadmap document outlining recommended next steps to help make sure you have a clear, defined path forward in securing your Microsoft 365 data.

About Centric: Centric Consulting services works with customers in several regulated industries, including healthcare, financial services, energy and utilities, and public sector. Our wealth of experience in helping them secure their data can help your organization to be successful as well.