Business Central and Bullhorn ATS: 2-Hour Assessment

Gravoc Associates, Inc.

A free assessment to evaluate your requirements to implement Bullhorn One Connector for D365 Business Central, which synchronizes and moves data between the ATS & back-office accounting platform.

Connect the dots between your Dynamics 365 Business Central and Bullhorn without manual intervention for enhanced profitability reporting, better data management, and increased operational visibility and control.

While the business needs of each organization remain unique, a common challenge faced by staffing firms today is finding a solution to fully solve their back-office / ERP integration challenges.

Silos of unconnected data often lead to miscommunication, misinformed decision making, and decreased productivity within an organization.

GraVoc’s “Business Central and Bullhorn ATS: 2-Hour Assessment” is designed to give you an understanding of how our experience, tools, and connectors can virtually eliminate manual financial data entry, and enable financial data to automatically flow between Business Central and Bullhorn ATS.

Not only is GraVoc a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, but of equal importance, we have extensive knowledge of the staffing industry financial needs from a CFO perspective. Common issues our skills and connectors solve:

  • Automates transfer of data from Bullhorn to Business Central
  • - Customers, Candidates: Pulls new and modified Company and Candidate records from Bullhorn into Business Central and creates the Customer & Vendor Cards.
    - Invoices, Credits, Rebills: Pulls billable and payable charges from Bullhorn into Business Central and creates a Sales Invoice/Credit Memo/Payables Invoice.
    - Cash Receipts: Pushes new Customer and Candidate payment data from Business Central to Bullhorn, giving front-office users ready access to payment activity.
    - Error Handling: Writes-back error messages to Bullhorn, giving users visibility within the ATS.
  • Connects siloed business and transactional data between Business Central and Bullhorn
  • Avoids custom development of Bullhorn integrations
  • Leverage Business Central for AR/Collections automation and reporting, cash application
  • Assess current ERP system for future Bullhorn connectivity

The following Microsoft and Bullhorn products are available for assessment:


  • Business Central


  • Bullhorn One
  • Bullhorn BBO
  • Pending Bullhorn projects

Deliverables from the Engagement:

  • 2-hour discovery – What do you do?
  • - Who, What, How, and Why?
  • 1-Hour Follow-Up Presentation
  • - Feedback on your specific questions and needs
    - Feedback on GraVoc’s general findings
    - Suggestions on Business Central and Bullhorn ATS financial data flow automation