NetSuite to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1 Hr Assessment

Integrato, LLC

An initial phone call with an Integrato CPA or representative who will consult with you to understand your goals and evaluate if Business Central is the right fit for your organization.

NetSuite offers advanced ERP functionality and solutions to scale your business, however implementation can be complex, and pricing can be crippling for small-to-medium business looking to grow.

Switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central will deliver improvements in:

• Ease-of-use

• Integrations

• Visibility and insights

• Operational expenses

• Customization


• Information Gathering Virtual Meeting (1 Hr Assessment) - After the initial call, we'll determine if we are to complete the other deliverables below.

• Business Central Demo (if applicable)

• Migration Overview including an estimated implementation and support plan (if applicable)

Note: Integrato is a Direct Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. With founders that have over 20 years of accounting and consulting experience, Integrato is uniquely positioned to help you find technology solutions that connects your entire business with the accounting team’s needs. With financial priorities at the top of mind, it’s always a priority to deliver cost effective solutions.

Our goal is to help make technology simple for your team to collaborate effectively and efficiently drive results. We help connect your people, process, and technology.