ITI Copilot Assessment: 4-5 Wk Assessment

ITI Inc.

Are you fully ready for Microsoft's Copilot? Our assessment will assure you are ready for Copilot and highlight areas where action will be needed prior to doing so.

We want to support your company in the effective implementation of Microsoft Copilot artificial intelligence within your Microsoft 365 environment, meeting the technical requirements necessary for the optimal and secure operation of the Microsoft Copilot solution.

With this four to five week engagement we will deliver a high-level analysis report based on the findings of the Microsoft environment including, but not limited to: ▪ General recommendations; ▪ Data protection & governance status; ▪ Endpoint management & securization; ▪ Identity & access management; ▪ Application control;

Detailed roadmap on how to align the organization strategy with Zero Trut approach leveraging Microsoft products to ensure the readiness of the organization to adopt Microsoft Copilot.