Office 365 Migration - 5 Weeks Implementation


Get a quick assessment and implementation plan to migrate your business to Office 365

KNS IT Group provides end-to end services and products for companies, enabling them to build critical business solutions that look to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and cloud native applications. Are you ready to take your business to the next level, transforming your operations by taking advantage of Microsoft Office 365? Our quick five-week Office 365 migration and implementation services will help consolidate your business data and simplify processes so that you and your team can work as efficiently as possible. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a proven solution to help our customers move existing complex business systems into Microsoft Azure and related hosted services. We understand how to design the environment architecture, creating the roadmap for transitioning to the cloud, implementation and finally maintenance and support. Deliverables: Week 1: Discovery Phase

  1. Define and document your motivations
  2. Budgetary estimate costs and return on investment analysis
  3. Identify, involve and align key stakeholders Week 2: Migration Assessment
  4. Assess your overall infrastructure
  5. Discover apps, databases and all existing workloads
  6. Solution design document with mapping of processes Week 3: Planning
  7. Building a holistic plan, establish objectives, identify quick wins
  8. Producing and presenting transition plan
  9. Demonstrate projected system and environment architecture once the migration is complete Week 4: Migration and Modernization
  10. Sign off on plan documents and approvals. Creation of project team.
  11. Pilot the migration with a few workloads. After successful pilot, begin migrations
  12. Modernization of customer workloads according to transition plan Week 5: Training and Go-Live phase
  13. Service optimization and performance evaluation
  14. Monitor and enhance security, ensure compliance
  15. Provide necessary training and support, including any critical fixes and updates
  16. Conduct closing meetings