Microsoft 365 License Audit

Louisville Geek LLC

The goal of Microsoft 365 License Assessment is to help your organization to optimize your subscription costs.

Every year, organizations around the globe end up wasting a significant portion of their budget on preventable licensing mistakes. The goal of our Microsoft 365 License Assessment is to ensure your organization isn’t overspending on unnecessary licenses. Managing Microsoft 365 licenses is no easy task. It seems like they change the names of the subscriptions every other year. In 2022, Microsoft rolled out the New Commerce Experience (NCE) which benefited customers financially by agreeing to annual or multi-year subscriptions, which further complicates the process.

Another overlooked area is not utilizing existing licenses to their full potential. Often, companies aren't aware of all the features their licensed software offers, or they don't train their employees to utilize these tools fully, leading to wasted resources.

Our Microsoft 365 License Audit enables organizations to pinpoint instances of over-licensing or under-licensing, leading to cost savings and enhanced license compliance. The assessment involves a thorough examination of license entitlements, assignments, and usage data. By analyzing this information, areas of improvement are identified to align licenses with actual usage, creating opportunities for cost savings.

The final report resulting from the Microsoft 365 License Audit will include:

  • A comprehensive list of current Microsoft 365 licenses utilized by company employees, along with a detailed breakdown of their permissions and usage patterns.
  • An in-depth analysis of the business requirements and individual employee needs to determine the ideal number and type of Microsoft 365 licenses suitable for the organization.
  • An assessment of the usage of specific Microsoft 365 functionalities, highlighting commonly utilized features and identifying those that are rarely or never used.
  • A cost comparison between the existing Microsoft 365 licenses and the recommended optimal licenses based on the analysis performed.
  • An evaluation of organizational changes that might impact future licensing needs, such as restructuring or changes in team composition.

What we will need from your organization: -Organization must have more than 25 users- -Access to Microsoft 365 Admin Center -2-4 hours of stakeholder(s) time

Price: This assessment starts at $499, but this also varies depending on the number of users and licensing complexities.

Turnaround Time: Our turnaround time is anywhere between 1-2 weeks, but it varies depending on the number of users and licensing complexities.