Power BI Governator - 3-Day Implement & Extend


Implementation of Power BI Governance reports

This is a 3-day service designed to provide you with a crystal clear overview of what is actually happening on your organization's Power BI environment. No matter if your organization is starting its Power BI journey or has already been residing for a while in the Power BI "Wild West", governance is an important and necessary part of any Power BI implementation.

Problem As Power BI, Microsoft's number one reporting solution, keeps on growing so does its community and user base. Although Power BI offers out-of-the-box reports meant to govern the Power BI environment, they often fall short to perform thorough analysis in terms of user adoption. Without the right reports at their disposal, Power BI admins have a hard time ensuring whether their carried out best practices and governance guidelines, are actually being complied with.

Solution Our plug-and-play Power BI template solution, branded "Power BI Governator", exists in a set of well-crafted, comprehensive reports, enabling detailed analysis of your Power BI environment. The Power BI Governator delivers actionable insights which can be broken down into the following categories:

• Power BI Environment Get an overview of all artifacts within your Power BI tenant and identify how they are related to each other. • Power BI Activities Knowing who is taking what action on which artifact in your Power BI tenant can be critical in helping your organization fulfill its requirements, like meeting regulatory compliance and quantifying user adoption. • User Management View what users have which licenses at their disposal and what Power BI artifacts they have access to.

Deliverables Power BI Solution (.pbix), branded Power BI Governator Custom connector solution(s) in Visual Studio (Power Query SDK extension) Option to tailor the Power BI Governator to the needs of the organisation (not in scope of 3-day service)