Microsoft Teams E911 Compliance Assessment - 1 Day

Magenium Solutions, LLC

In just 1 day we will examine your Teams and Microsoft 365 environment, deliver a report of findings and key action items needed for compliance.

Federal law now requires that a 911 call automatically provides a dispatchable location, which is the place a person is calling from – not just the address. This includes things like floor level, warehouse location, and other easily identifiable information to help first responders get there fast. In addition to that phone call reaching emergency services without having to dial a prefix, a notification must be sent to your organization that an emergency call has been placed. The notification must include information about the caller (and a valid callback number) as well as their location.

Fortunately Microsoft 365 and Teams gives us a number of tools to address the challenge. In this assessment we will examine your: *Emergency address (civic address, the physical location of your business) *Place (floor, building, or office number) *Emergency location (applicable if your business has more than one physical location)

We will also examine your emergency call settings in your calling plan along with dynamic emergency calling and emergency call routing. Our deliverable will include a report and discussion of your Teams E911 federal compliance and action plan to ensure your employees are kept safe and your organization is in compliance with these federal regulations.