Custom Power BI Visuals: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

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As part of this engagement, we will help you bring your data visualization ideas to life.

Bring your data to life within two weeks!

Data visualization is of paramount importance in current BI space. We offer a plethora of visuals (40 and counting) which consume data in various formats to provide the perfect visualization.

However, if you are unable to use a visual on AppSource - we can create a custom visual package for you that will ingest data according to how you model it. Armed with only by a sample dataset and a visual representation idea from you - we can build a proof-of-concept version of your visual within just 2 weeks.

Target Audience/Customers

  1. Power BI sponsors
  2. Report developers
  3. End level users / consumers of Power BI tool
  4. Leadership - to decide on how to showcase data for deriving meaningful insights


  1. Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand the visual requirements
  2. Develop a mock-up of the visual with sample dataset
  3. Develop the custom visual once the mock-up is approved
  4. Review and test the visual package delivered
  5. Continue the engagement to add more features/functionalities on the visual


At the end of this engagement, you will have:

A proof-of-concept version of your own Power BI custom visual.

*Note -

  1. This assessment will require us to collaborate with business analysts, BI/DW report creators within your organization.
  2. The requirements gathering from the stakeholders will be completed five working days prior to the actual engagement.
  3. A production-ready version of the visual will be available at an extra cost.
  4. The duration of the engagement depends upon the complexity of the custom visual required.
  5. This offering is designed for large global organizations looking for custom Power BI visuals for their reporting needs which are not satisfied by out of box (OOB) visuals in Power BI.

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Test custom Power BI visuals in a 2-week proof of concept. Connect with us at to discuss your requirements.