NP Ticketing Starter: 3-Hr Workshop


Basic education enabling new users to serve customers with NP Ticking.

The purpose of NP Ticking Starter is to give the participants an overview of the NP Ticking’s structure, possibilities and basic functions, and make the user feel comfortable using the system.

You will learn to serve customers by using the NP Ticking. After this session you will be able to create and sell tickets, on either POS or directly from Business Central. The NP Ticketing solution built on Business Central 365 gives you a industry leading Ticketing software. This 3-hours workshop is the first step into becoming skilled in using all the available tools. Advanced functions that are industry-specific are not covered by the instruction unless otherwise agreed and explicitly stated. Also, the creation of goods and customers are not covered.

Ticketing tailor made for Museum, Zoo and Amusement Park!


  • Overall structure.
  • Setup of different types of tickets.
  • How to control capacity.
  • How to sell tickets.
  • Statistics and navigation.

Additional notes:

  • Recommended for 1-4 attendants.
  • Content can be adjusted upon request.
  • We support education in multiple languages.
    Don´t hesitate to ask if you have special requests.