Microsoft Teams Phone - Proof of Concept (PoC)

Red X Carbon Inc.

Red X Carbon provides Proof of Concept (PoC) to enable Microsoft Teams phone systems with Operator Connect, Direct Route, and Native Microsoft Calling Plans.

Companies are increasingly migrating to Microsoft Teams Phone Systems to take advantage of its cost-effective and feature-rich communication platform, including:

• Opex Cost savings • Capex Cost savings • Replacement of legacy systems • Lower maintenance cost • State-of-the-art systems integration

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Red X Carbon enhances Microsoft Teams phone systems, often called Teams Calling in public discourse, by integrating Operator Connect, Direct Route, and Native Microsoft Calling Plans.

Scope of PoC:

The Proof of Concept (PoC) will be tailored to the client’s selection of one of the following service options to demonstrate the PSTN calling capabilities within Microsoft Teams, facilitated by Red X Carbon.

Operator Connect: Configuration and live testing of Microsoft Teams’ ability to conduct outbound and inbound PSTN calls through direct association with local PSTN providers. Operator Connect enables a seamless connection with the public telephone network, offering a robust and flexible calling experience.

Direct Route: Integration and testing a Direct Route connection between Microsoft Teams and the client’s chosen telecom provider. This service allows clients to utilize their telecom provider’s services within Teams, bypassing Microsoft's native PSTN Calling Plans.

Microsoft Calling Plans: Activation and comprehensive assessment of Microsoft’s native PSTN calling features within Teams. This cloud-based VoIP service supports various calling functions and is available to organizations in certain countries.

Additionally, where applicable and supported in the client’s region, the configuration of Enhanced 911 (E-911) services will be included, this service is critical for ensuring that emergency calls made through Microsoft Teams provide accurate location data to emergency responders.

The PoC will also encompass:

• A walkthrough of system configurations for the selected service to ensure the client’s complete understanding of the deployment and operational aspects.

• Engagement with up to 25 users within the client's organization for the pilot testing.

• A maximum of 20 business days for the duration of the PoC.

• Deployment of 2 Teams Room Systems for enhanced collaborative communications.

• Provision of 5 Teams phones for user-specific testing and assessment.

• A cap of 600 minutes of PSTN calling and a limit of 10 emergency calls for E-911 testing (if applicable).

Red X Carbon services encompass the entire range of Microsoft Teams phone systems requirements, from design and deployment to managed services and the provision of endpoint hardware. We are adept at large-scale implementations and migrations from various systems, including local PBXs and other legacy telecommunication systems. Our expertise ensures that Operator Connect, Direct Route, and Native Microsoft Calling Plans are set up and configured effectively to provide our clients with an integrated and efficient Teams Calling experience.

This Proof of Concept (PoC) is designed as a preliminary demonstration to showcase the capabilities of Microsoft Teams PSTN calling features facilitated by Red X Carbon. It is not a substitute for a full-scale deployment. The PoC aims to provide a focused assessment of a selected service option, ensuring the client can make an informed decision regarding the more extensive implementation.

A full deployment encompasses a comprehensive suite of services and deliverables that are beyond the scope of this PoC, including but not limited to:

Complete Systems Design: Detailed architecture and design documentation tailored to the organization’s needs.

Migration Strategy: A plan for transitioning from legacy systems to Microsoft Teams, including data migration, user training, and change management.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Documentation: Documentation outlining the feature set and capabilities of the initial deployment phase.

Comprehensive Testing: Extensive testing of all features and integration points, including third-party services and internal systems.

Complete Project Management: A dedicated project management team to oversee the entire deployment from initiation to completion.

Training and Support: Customized training programs for end-users and IT staff and ongoing support and maintenance agreements.

Upon completing the PoC, we invite you to engage with us for an entire deployment. Red X Carbon is committed to providing a seamless transition to Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your organization leverages this powerful communication platform's full spectrum of capabilities.

We are excited to meet and exceed your expectations and to have the opportunity to help your organization's digital transformation journey.