Customer eXperience in Automotive: 4-Hr Briefing


Cluster Reply, with its experience in Automotive industry, can offer complex solutions that touch different processes, from Sales&Marketing to AfterMarket, with focus on improving Customer Engagement

Through Marketing actions Automotive companies can improve the customer engagement and build a better Customer eXperience. We built several tools to support Marketing activities. Lead Capture is one of these, is an application used by saleseman during fairs to collect data of visitors. Type of information collected is easily configurable by marketing team. The data collected through Lead Capture are sent to Customer Database or Lead Qualification.

Lead Qualification system is used to qualify leads collected from fairs and other sources, like company's website or dealer website with the aim of gathering as much and accurate information as possible about the potential customer. Customer Database is the central system that collects Customer information. The entire Sales process is managed on this system: Opportunity, Offer, Contract, Warranty, Customer Vehicle are only some of the information collected in this system.

Automotive companies can improve CX also in After Market processes. We developed tools to support After Market processes like Breakdown Support and Recall Tool. Often Automotive companies offer a roadside assistance service and they invest in the Customer Center. Breakdown Assistance is used by Customer Center to manage requests for assistance. On Recall Tool, agents can enrich vehicle data with customer information, communicate campaigns to customer and verify campaigns communication.

Having the right tool to manage the Customer Journey is the best way to ensure you are offering your customer the best experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is build to drive companies through this process.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Company Overview
  • Presentation of what can be done to improve Customer Engagement in Automotive Industry
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • After Sales
  • Technology Used
  • Customer Success Stories