Salesforce to Dynamics 365 CE Migration Consultation

Root16, LLC

A free 2-hour consultation to discuss migrating your business from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Sales.


Our Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Migration Consultation will help you understand the capabilities of the D365 platform and if migrating off Salesforce is the right decision for your organization. Ahead of the consultation, Root16 will provide a catalog of common questions and topics that Salesforce customers typically have about migrating to Dynamics 365 CE. All you need to do is come prepared to talk through which are most relevant to your business and have a high-level understanding of the current architecture of your Salesforce implementation. Our team will do the rest.

Our Process:

Our process is simple. In this 2-hour session with you and your team, we’ll learn about your business challenges with your current Salesforce implementation and your desired future state. You’ll walk away from the consultation with a clearer understanding of what moving to Dynamics 365 CE would look like from a pricing, migration, and implementation perspective.

Our team at Root16 knows how to have the Microsoft vs. Salesforce conversation.

  • Our co-founder and Principal, Brendan Landers, led the Salesforce consulting practice at a Big 4 firm before founding Root16.
  • Our delivery team has worked extensively with both platforms and knows the ins and outs of both software products.
  • We want to help you find the right solution for your business and can help you overcome or confirm your concerns about migration.

What’s Included:

  • Complimentary 2-hour working session with your team
  • Foundational milestone towards providing a proposal focused on answering your business's key concerns or questions, and how to solve them with Dynamics 365 CE

Sample Topics:

  • Level of effort of migration
  • Dynamics 365 CE capabilities
  • Functionality comparison
  • License costs
  • Benefits of Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform