SMART Data Export for Dataverse: 3-days implementation

SMART business LLC

Replicates data from Dataverse (can be used for Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Power Apps) to Azure SQL Database.

SMART Data Export for Dataverse is an alternative to Data Export Service (DES), as the latter was discontinued by Microsoft in November 2022.

Dynamics 365 applications – such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, or Dynamics 365 Talent – use Dataverse to store and secure the data they use. SMART Data Export for Dataverse replicates data from Microsoft Dataverse to Azure SQL Database.


• Replication of any amount of data.

• Work with a high frequency of data updates in the source.

• Keeping data up-to-date with the least possible delay.

SMART Data Export for Dataverse provides an initial synchronization of all necessary data, and then continuously synchronizes delta changes at a rate of more than 5,000 records per minute for each table.

You might need the solution if:

• You have previously used DES and are now looking for a replacement.

• Your business needs to synchronize data with Dataverse in Azure SQL Database.

What can you do with SMART Data Export for Dataverse?

• Customize your own data replication model by selecting only the tables and fields the data from which must be synchronized with SQL Database. The necessary structures in the database will be created automatically.

• Manage data synchronization profiles: you can set up several different profiles that can replicate data to different databases.

• Manage and customize data synchronization according to business requirements: the feature of enabling and disabling synchronization profiles makes it possible to manage the overall state of synchronization.

• Adjust the frequency of data replication from Dataverse to SQL Database on a per-profile basis.