Copilot Advisory: Solution by SoftwareOne


Deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365 licences with confidence - Pilot and adopt Copilot

SoftwareOne Copilot Advisory: Solution is an advisory service that comprises selectable modules intended for organisations who are deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365 licences. The service focuses on guiding organisations through the integration process, addressing implementation strategies, evaluating the solution's added value, identifying potential security and compliance risks, and preparing for the change.

Our approach begins with the Copilot for Microsoft 365 pilot program, designed to offer organisations a hands-on evaluation of the solution's impact on their operations. The pilot program acts as both a preliminary assessment and a foundational step towards successful integration, showcasing the benefits for end-user training and enhancing organizational security measures.

Clients can select one or more modules to build their personalised advisory:

  1. Copilot technical enablement: Investigation of your Microsoft tenant settings, implement technical prerequisites enable up to 300 users for Copilot for Microsoft 365 and install Copilot dashboard for tracking usage.

  2. Security configuration and deployment: Review, implement, deploy, and test new configurations for identity/access and endpoint protection like conditional access policies and Microsoft Defender.

  3. Information protection and governance: Assessment and configuration of OneDrive, SharePoint and Data Loss Prevention settings, and introduction to Microsoft Purview for governance.

  4. Adoption and change management strategy: Define and execute communication, training, and user feedback strategies, with management recommendations.

  5. Use case scenario and definition: Identify, prioritise and document up to five use case scenarios for Copilot for Microsoft 365.

  6. Enhanced Security with E5 add-on: Extend the capabilities of your security module with the E5 feature set with this add-on service to the above security module.


  • A Microsoft environment prepared for Copilot that leverages ME3 and ME5 security and compliance capabilities.

  • A pilot group between 30 and 300 users, enabled for success through effective communications, training and a vibrant community of Copilot adopters.

  • An executive report containing user feedback, measures of success against predefined goals and recommendations on next steps.

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