Unified Support for 365 2-Wk Implementation


Unified Support for 365 helps you embrace the benefits of Microsoft 365 and reduce the user and operational complexity

Unified Support for 365 is our managed service offering for workloads purchased through Enterprise Agreement (EA) providing maximum flexibility and helping you save costs and minimize disruptions. We reduce pitfalls and challenges as you onboard to Microsoft 365 and provide tools to help optimize your cloud spend. This service is managed in a shared responsibility by us and includes support options across your Microsoft 365 environment.

Unified Support for 365 is available in three levels (Advanced, Premium, Enterprise) which lets you fully embrace the complete set of advantages for Microsoft 365. Our future workplace professional resources guide you with your Microsoft 365 implementation, achieving productivity objectives through adoption and change management guidance and providing 24x5 or 24x7 support to ensure your IT and business requirements are met.

Your Unified Support 365 Values:

› Ensure availability with less effort through our certified support (up to 24x7) with ownership for escalations through to Microsoft Premier Support for Partners.

› Optimize costs with insights on licensing usage and adoption transparency to identify cost saving potentials in SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud.

› Reduce risks and meet compliance with continuous reviews, health monitoring and customer support (up to 24x7) to ensure timely escalations for urgent situations.

Enhance your IT strategy, and inspire users to get more from the productivity, collaboration, and accessibility features within Microsoft 365. SoftwareONE assists with awareness and communication campaigns, training tools and our own proven adoption and change management framework to empower employees, strengthen engagement, and build resilience with continuous guidance on implementing and driving behavioral changes.

Let us help you to decide on the best services fit that will help you reach your desired business outcomes.