Japan Pre-Implementation: 1-Wk Assessment


PIA - Pre Implementation Assessment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialized for companies that want to implement ERP system for Japan branch or expand your business to Japan.

This is 1 week assessment run by SYSCOM USA, Tokyo. The consulting service by conducting Pre-Implementation Assessment is aimed to companies/enterprises that are operating or going to operate a business in Japan and want to manage with Microsoft ERP system.

In order to implement an ERP system in Japan, you need to pay attention to accounting rules as well as typical culture in Japan. Unlike other countries in the world, the typical but non-mandatory fiscal year in Japan runs from 1 April until 31 March of the next year. For financial documents of a fiscal year closing, consisting of:

  • Balance Sheet (B/S)
  • Profit and Loss statement (P/L)
  • Statement of changes in net corporate assets

and explanatory notes for the aforesaid financial statements will be required if needed.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation provide an exclusive package designed for Japan, supporting:

  • Fixed asset management in Japanese rules and style.
  • Invoicing process (customer and vendor consolidated invoices)
  • Payment in JBA format and process
  • Tax management.

Besides, from October 2019, Japanese government has launched a new tax management system by increasing consuming tax rate of several types of products sold in Japan. Which mean Japan now has 2 consuming tax applied: 8% and 10%. Together with this tax rate increasing, the government also provide a variety of promotions, such as accumulated points or cash back, to support Japanese citizens as well as encourage them in shopping.

Agenda offered:

  • Local approaching
  • Assessing general business requirement and impact to the new ERP system.
  • Company tax management


  • Assessment report
  • General FIT/GAP report

Note: customer can select the language for output documents is in English or Japanese.