ThinkReady for Dynamics 365: 4Wk Business Process Modeling (BPM) Proof of Concept

Thinkmax Consulting Inc.

4 weeks proof of concept for business process modeling in Dynamics 365

ThinkReady for Dynamics 365 allows companies to benefit from Thinkmax vast experience with the Dynamics 365 portfolio of solutions by deploying a quick proof of concept to map and configure critical business process in the solution.

This journey will allow companies to:

  • Quickly project themselves in Dynamics 365
  • Learn about their industry's best practices
  • Perform an accelerated fit/gap analysis of a given business process
  • All of this through a guided experience from Thinkmax!

This offering can be beneficial for companies interested in:

  • Finance (Dynamics 365 Finance)
  • Supply Chain (Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management)
  • Project Management (Dynamics 365 Project Operations)
  • Retail/Commerce (Dynamics 365 Commerce)
  • Human Resources (Dynamics 365 Human Resources)

Typical journey offered: Initial Free Discovery Session (2 hours remote)

Workshop 1: Discovery (8 hours @ Customer) Review & Design Primary Business Processes

Design Phase (2 weeks remote) Thinkmax Business Processing Modelling in Dynamics 365

Workshop 2: Validation (4 hours @ Customer) Validate Model & User Experience

Workshop 3: Presentation & Hands-On Workshop (4 hours @ Customer)

  • The cost of the various workshops will vary based on scope of work
  • Installation Services not included in offering
  • Training environments not included in offering
  • Azure subscription is not included in offering
  • Travel and lodging costs, as well as additional expenses, will be charged on an actual cost basis