Anywhere for Rental: 3-Days Proof of concept

To-Increase B.V.

Customer tailored proof of concept for one customer specific rental related inventory management barcode scanning supported process using Anywhere for Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance.

During this proof of concept a customer specific rental related inventory process is configured.


  • Discovery call
  • High level requirement analyses
  • Define & Design high level business process flow
  • Configure designed business process flow
  • Demonstrate & Review business process


  • Demo environment (including configured business process flow)
  • Export of the business process flow (to be deployed on another environment)
  • Documentation of the created flow.

Goal of this proof of concept is to proof the barcode scanning capabilities of Anywhere for Rental support the customer's chosen rental related Inventory Management process.

Travel and lodging costs, as well as additional expenses are charged on an actual cost basis in case the Proof of concept is onsite."