AI Governance Workshop: 4-Hour Workshop


Be introduced to Microsoft's AI Services, Azure Open AI and Copilot, and better understand the governance principles and practices tailored to them, like transparency, fairness, privacy, and security.

Master AI governance in alignment with responsible global standards.

Empower Your Business for Responsible AI Practices

Join us for an engaging and informative AI governance workshop, tailored with a special focus on Microsoft's AI services and their commitment to responsible AI. This workshop is designed to provide participants with an introduction to Microsoft AI services and provide an understanding of AI governance principles and practices, specifically tailored for Microsoft AI, including Azure Open AI and Copilot, including Copilot extensibility.

Navigating Microsoft’s Responsible AI Approach

Receive an in-depth understanding of Microsoft's approach to AI, emphasizing responsible development, deployment, and management of AI technologies. Participants will explore key aspects of Microsoft's Responsible AI Framework, including transparency, fairness, privacy, security, and inclusivity.

What We Cover:

Collaborative sessions and case studies will highlight how Microsoft integrates these principles into its AI services and solutions. This workshop also offers practical guidance on adopting similar responsible AI practices in various organizational contexts and concludes with a Responsible AI Impact Framework to evaluate new project requests.

  • Microsoft AI Services
  • Data Governance
  • Copilot Extensibility
  • Microsoft Responsible AI Standard

Organizations around the world are asking common questions:

These questions call not only for broad and thoughtful conversation, but decisive and effective action.

  1. How can we use this new technology to solve our problems?
  2. How do we avoid or manage new problems it might create?
  3. How do we govern technology that is so powerful?


  • Responsible AI Impact Framework to evaluate potential risks and initiate responsible AI principles when fielding requests for AI projects.