D365 Marketing Readiness: 3-Day Assessment


An assessment using proven methodology and automation tools to help you understand your MarTech stack and provide recommendations for ensuring you are getting the most out of Dynamics 365

This 3 day assessment will provide you with a set of recommendations that align to your business goals related to utilization of your existing MarTech stack and future MarTech needs, ensuring Dynamics 365 Marketing optimization. This assessment will raise awareness to the value of Dynamics 365 Marketing as an integral part of clients MarTech stack in order to drive greater customer experiences. Having Dynamics 365 Marketing capability awareness will lead to more sales and also extend the value proposition to other Dynamics 365 capabilities, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

**Included in the assessment: **

  • Evaluate current marketing technology stack, including integration and utilization
  • Understand current CRM approach including lifecycle communications, lead scoring and management processes, and data acquisition and management
  • Evaluate current internal capabilities for executing on future looking programs with MarTech Provide recommendations on current and future MarTech
  • One day workshop


A customized set of recommendation and best practices to ensure your MarTech stack can be optimized to drive your business objectives.