CRM Maturity Action Plan: 4-Day Workshop

XRM Vision

Through workshops conducted by our CRM Specialists, we will build a portrait of your situation. We will deliver a comprehensive action plan that identifies the next steps of your business evolution.

Elevate your CRM usage and increase your business efficiency by evaluating the maturity of your CRM system

Based on the Capability Maturity Model, XRM Vision’s methodology will allow you to assess the level of CRM maturity of your business processes. We will help you create an action plan that will increase your CRM maturity level. By helping you increase your CRM maturity level, you will be able to create more leads, deepen your customer relationship, and increase the likelihood of future business.

By starting an operational optimization project with a CRM maturity analysis, we will:

  • Prioritize changes that have immediate positive effects on the company's activities
  • Engage employees in change by making their day-to-day tasks more effective
  • Ensure that the company is ready to implement each wave of change
  • Measure the expected benefits for each process improvements


Day 1 – Enterprise

  • Business and contacts management processes
  • Analysis of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Day 2 – Sales

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Sales and customer service process

Day 3 – Customer Service and Marketing

  • Case management including queues and escalation
  • Technical support management
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Web tracking, social media, mass mailing, newsletter, events etc.

Day 4 – Governance

  • Configuration strategy and standardization
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Maintenance and update activities
  • Presentation of the visual model of your CRM maturity and next steps


  • Analysis of the status of your CRM maturity presented within a visual model
  • Roadmap showcasing the next steps, best practices, and priorities to ensure your CRM evolution

Founded in 2008 in Montreal, XRM Vision is a human-sized CRM consulting firm driven by expertise and commitment. XRM Vision is fully dedicated to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions suite.