Viva Goals Discovery Workshop - 1 day assessment

XRM Vision

XRM Vision helps organizations bridge the gap between yearly executive planning cycles and Project Managers using Viva Goals and Microsoft PPM technologies.

Implementing an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) system can present challenges for organizations. The process involves aligning teams, defining ambitious objectives, and establishing measurable key results. It requires a cultural shift towards transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. Organizations often face resistance to change, as well as the need to overcome communication barriers and ensure buy-in from all levels. Balancing the right level of granularity in setting objectives and key results can be complex. Additionally, tracking progress and adapting to evolving priorities demands ongoing dedication. Despite the difficulties, successfully implementing an OKR system can bring significant benefits, driving focus, motivation, and growth.

This is where XRM Vision comes in: we will increase the business value your projects deliver by designing the process & technology infrastructure needed to implement an OKR system, quantify the business value of projects as they relate to OKRs, and implement the business cadence & technology needed to facilitate this system.

XRM Vision uses Viva Goals as the tool to facilitate this OKR system. Viva Goals is Microsoft's OKR application, and is in the Microsoft 365 applications family. This app, and thus your organizations OKR system, can be integrated into other workplace collaborative apps like Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 applications. Get in touch with us to find out how you can achieve an integrated OKR system using Microsoft technologies.

Deliverables from this offer:

1-hour envisioning workshop that showcases the capabilities of Viva Goals & Microsoft PPM technology 1 – 3 (varies by organization size) 1-hour workshops where XRM staff will assess your current technology environment & business processes. Statement of Work for implementing a Viva Goals Proof-of-Concept