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MiracleTime allows you to control employee time and attendance data

MiracleTime is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Formerly Dynamics NAV) solution designed to give the end-user a comprehensive tool to control employee time and attendance data, the solution is fully integrated and provides seamless integration with MiraclePay.

One of the biggest costs to UK businesses today is staff absence. Having a time and attendance system will assist in monitoring staff absences ensuring they are visible, which in turn should help reduce absences. MiracleTime will help to increase the productivity of a business as traditional methods of tracking time are labour intensive. Furthermore accuracy will be greatly improved and the number of errors decreased.

  • Seamless integration with MiraclePay means zero data duplication, streamlined data input and a greatly reduced probability of errors.
  • A Year Planner provides a comprehensive visualisation of an employee’s attendance pattern.
  • Supports flexible working and shift pattern definitions.
  • User defined attendance rules. Sessions, daily thresholds, weekly thresholds, and combined structures supported.
  • Data can be input manually or via time and attendance devices. Proximity, swipe and touch-screen devices are all supported.
  • Matrix security management control by company, by division or reporting group.
  • Working time directive supported.
  • Definition of attendance rules and treatment for “missed” clockings.
  • Definition of working and non-working patterns.
  • Flexible overtime structures – pre-shift, post-shift and mid-shift available.
  • Definition of shift rules – “start”, “end” and “break” rules are completely tailorable.
  • Management override capabilities are supported.
  • Exception reporting includes non-attendance, missed-clocking treatments, shift rule contraventions, etc.
  • Building access control can be provided